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Reindeer hire at Christmas



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Reindeer hire at Christmas

Animals for Hire
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We are delighted to provide reindeer hire throughout the UK.

Our reindeer are trained to a high standard;they are used to crowds, noise and flash photography. Hire reindeer from the Animal Company.

Typical Set Up:

    • Two adult reindeer     • Traditional Sleighs     • Experienced Handlers

Our reindeer in advertisement 2012

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Don’t miss out on reindeer hire this Christmas, book early to avoid disappointment. 

For all enquiries into our reindeer hire service, please call us on 01889565566 or click here to contact us.

Q & A

Can the reindeer pull the sleigh?

Yes!! Our reindeer are trained to pull sleighs. These are antique sleighs which we import. Our sleighs are tastefully decorated.

Are reindeer happy in public places?

Like most animals reindeer can be trained. In Northern Sweden for example reindeer have been trained to work with man, pulling sleighs for hundreds of years. Our handlers ensure that the reindeer are well catered for, that they are comfortable and happy.

Are reindeer used to people?

At the Animal Company we work on a full time basis with our animals, which means that we are able to spend every week in October re-training our reindeer and getting them ready for the Christmas period. They are handled daily and get very used to human interaction.

Can reindeer be dangerous?

Although reindeer are not usually aggressive, males can stay in the rut into November. This is why we only use castrated males and females. We also provide risk assessments instructing our clients of what is needed for each event.

Who organises the licences?

The Animal Company organise all movement licences and insurances on your behalf. We are also members of ACTA.

How long can we have the reindeer?

We have a performing animals licence for up to 6 hours. However, our animals work for 4 hour slots. Reindeer get bored after about 3.5 hours on a display.

What about E-Coli?

We can supply hand washing stations at an extra cost. Customers are advised to provide some for of water hand washing.

Download reindeer and Sleigh Hire Questions  (Word Document)

Don’t miss out on reindeer hire this Christmas, book early to avoid disappointment. 

Call us on 01889 565566 or click here to contact us.


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I would recommend the animal company, the reindeer were fantastic and the sleighs looked amazing”

Simpson Group

“The reindeer made our Christmas complete” Busy Bee’s Nursery

“Thank you to Nathan and the team for being so professional, the reindeer were wonderful” Hayley Thynne

The Animal Company provide reindeer and sleigh throughout the UK to over 80 private and public events every year.

Each event is of equal importance, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our key values:

  • Punctual and reliable
  • Smart and presentable
  • Polite and amenable

Our trained and friendly staff are here to ensure that your Christmas experience is as enjoyable as possible.

We transport our animals in safe and approved conditions in line with DEFRA regulations. Animal welfare is our priority, whilst at the same time ensuring we meet the needs of our clients.

reindeer hire in the uk

santa and his reindeer


Address: The Animal Company, Beech Tree Farm, Pasturefields, Great Haywood, Stafford, ST18 0RB

Tel: 01889 565566 | Email: nathan@animalco.co.uk | Website: www.animalco.co.uk

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