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You can contact us seven days a week on the email address shown below or alternatively use the enquiry form to the right.

Address :

Farm Address: (For deliveries and livestock)

The Animal Company
Beech Tree Farm, Pasturefields,
Great Haywood, Stafford, ST18 0RB

General Enquiries:

Sarah Brookes & Nathan Anderson-Dixon
Telephone: 01889 565566

Office Hours 10am - 3pm (Answer phone service)


Charlotte Anderson-Dixon
Telephone: 07843 849473
Email :

CPH Number : 37/198/0182



Please fill out the Enquiry form below. We will reply to you at our earliest convenience.



Address: The Animal Company, Beech Tree Farm, Pasturefields, Great Haywood, Stafford, ST18 0RB

Tel: 01889 565566 | Email: | Website:

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Further Information

The Animal Company hire camels for your event. Camel hire, is very popular for events, weddings and even racing. Our camels are bactrian, that

means they have two humps. They are trained to be ridden and also lead on a lead rope.

The camels are based in the uk, but cover all areas like Birmingham, London, Manchester, Liverpool, and further North. Camels in the Uk are rare, The Animal Company are one of a handful of private owners other than zoos of course.

Nathan Anderson-Dixon & his wife Charlotte, run The Animal Company, with the help of a dedicated work force. New members of the team include Alison and Dominic, with whom Nathan has had experience of working with in the past. Alison is an expert reindeer trainer and handler; she also has a broad knowledge of animal husbandry. Dominic has trained long horn cattle to feature on a block buster movie; he has worked on set with names such as Russell Crow in the feature film “Nottingham”. “Performing animals have always been a passion of mine” Said Alison. “I love to get an untrained animal and add value to it, by training it to do something special”.

The Animal Company always put the welfare of our animals first; we focus on achieving what our customer’s want, whilst making sure our animals are happy. This is why we do not let our animals work consecutive days for example. Each animal would get the following day off if it has worked, which means no animal could work more than 3 days a week, or consecutive days.



As you can imagine, hire of animals involves much paperwork for movements, risk assessments and regulation.

If you are from DEFRA or trading standards and have any questions regarding any of our events please e-mal Also contact Charlotte regarding accounts and invoicing queries.

View our work at:

Find out more about the work we have done at

If you are looking for a special animal for your event, call the animal company on 01889 565566, or e-mail us at


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